Pisidium zoctanum Poli, 1876” (Mollusca, Bivalvia) – a ghost-taxon from the Crimean Karani-Koba Cave

Robert S. Vargovitsh, Vitaliy V. Anistratenko


The nomen “Pisidium zoctanum Poli, 1876” was ambiguously used for some bivalve mollusk of the family Sphaeriidae inhabiting Karani-Koba Cave (Crimean Mountains, Karabi Massif). Literature and analysis of available museum material has shown that the nomen is not valid. This is due in part to the fact that this species has never been described and thus appears to be a ghost-taxon. To date, Euglesa crimeana Stadnichenko,  1980 is the only correctly established name for the sphaeriids from Karani-Koba Cave.


Euglesa crimeana


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