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Frontonia lynni n. sp., a new marine ciliate (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Hymenostomatida) from Qingdao, China

H. Long, W. Song*, J. Gong, X. Hu, H. Ma, M. Zhu, M. Wang


The morphology, infraciliature and silverline system of a new marine ciliate, Frontonia lynni n. sp., isolated from a sandy beach at Qingdao, China, was investigated using live observation and silver staining methods. The new species is recognized by the combination of the following characters: body about 100–210 x 70–150 µm in vivo, elliptical in outline; dorsoventrally flattened (3:1); one large contractile vacuole equatorially located, right of median; 71–83 somatic kineties and three vestibular kineties; small oral cavity with peniculi 1 and 2 each having four ciliary rows and peniculus 3 possesses five gradually shortened rows.


Marine ciliate; <i>Frontonia</i> <i>lynni;</i> morphology; new species

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