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A new species of Furculanurida (Collembola: Neanuridae) from Ivory Coast, with comments on related genera



A new species of Pseudachorutinae, Furculanurida emucronata sp. nov., is described from Lamto in the Ivory Coast. It differs from all known Pseudachorutinae species by the presence of a strong lateral tooth on the claw of leg I, and from other species of the genus Furculanurida by the absence of a mucro. It is provisionally assigned to the genus Furculanurida which is redefined accordingly. The heterogeneity of the genus is stressed, and its relationships with Arlesiella, Kenyura, Pseudachorutes and Stachorutes are discussed.


labium, Africa, Arlesiella, Kenyura, Pseudachorutinae, Pseudachorutes, Stachorutes

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