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Case 3693 Cryptodacus Hendel, 1914 (Insecta: Diptera: TEPHRITIDAE ): proposed suppression of Cryptodacus Gundlach, 1862 (Reptilia, Serpentes,

Allen L. Norrbom, Roy McDiarmid, Xiao-Lin Chen, K. J. David, Marc De Meyer, Amnon Freidberg, Ho-Yeon Han, Gary J. Steck, F. Christian Thompson, Ian M. White, Roberto A Zucchi


The purpose of this application, under Article 23.9.3, is to conserve current
usage of the well-established genus-group name Cryptodacus Hendel, 1914 for a
genus of Neotropical fruit flies by suppression of the earlier, unused name Crypto-
dacus Gundlach, 1862, currently a junior synonym of Arrhyton Günther, 1858, a
genus of snakes, under the plenary power of the Commission, in the interest of
nomenclatural stability. Cryptodacus Gundlach has not been used as a valid name
since 1883, whereas Cryptodacus Hendel has been used in a significant body of
literature relating to fruit fly systematics, morphology and phylogeny and is the
currently used name in various name and molecular databases.

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