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Comments on Tibicina Amyot, 1847 and Lyristes Horváth, 1926 (Insecta,
Hemiptera, Homoptera): proposed conservation by the suppression of Tibicen
Berthold, 1827 [?Latreille, 1825], and concerning the type species of Cicada
Linnaeus, 1758 (Case 239; see BZN 41: 163–184; 71: 103–131; 179–180)

David C. Marshall


A recent proposal by Boulard & Puissant (BZN 71: 119–131), resurrecting and
modifying Case 239 (Melville & Sims, BZN 41: 163–184), proposes to suppress the
cicada genus Tibicen Latreille, 1825 (and Berthold, 1827, its German translation)
(Insecta, Hemiptera, CICADIDAE ) in favour of Lyristes Horváth, 1926 on the grounds that the first name is invalid vernacular and the translation is a nomen nudum. Tibicen and Lyristes both potentially claim the type Cicada plebeja Scopoli, 1763. However, Sanborn (BZN 71: 108–118), supported by Marshall & Hill (BZN 71:
103–107) and Hamilton (BZN 71: 179–180), has argued that Latreille correctly established Tibicen with the type plebejus and that suppression of the name on the
grounds proposed by Boulard & Puissant would unjustifiably imperil other well-established insect genera created by Latreille.

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