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Comments on Tibicina Amyot, 1847 and Lyristes Horváth, 1926 (Insecta,
Hemiptera, Homoptera): proposed conservation by the suppression of Tibicen
Berthold, 1827 [?Latreille, 1825], and concerning the type species of Cicada
Linnaeus, 1758 (Case 239; see BZN 41: 163–184; 71: 103–131; 179–180)

Stéphane Puissant, Michel Boulard, Young June Lee, Masami Hayashi, Cong Wei, Jérôme Sueur


Lyristes Horváth, 1926 was created to replace Tibicen Latreille, 1825, without being
universally adopted, and was notably ignored by North-American workers. In order
to resolve the inherent nomenclatural problem of Tibicen and Lyristes, Boulard &
Puissant, Marshall & Hill, and Sanborn (BZN 71: 103–131 wrote to the ICZN about
the validity of these genera. An application concerning their status was originally
submitted to the Commission as Case 239.

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