Northernmost new records of Enyalioides touzeti Torres-Carvajal, Almendáriz, Valencia, Yánez-Muñoz & Reyes, 2008 (Sauria: Hoplo­cercidae) from Ecuador: altitudinal and latitudinal distribution extension, new provincial and biogeographical record

Luis Amador, Carlos Gómez, Carlos A. Londoño-Guarnizo, Jhulyana López-Caro, Alejandro Arteaga


In this note, we present new locality records and extend the known geographical distribution and elevation range of the dwarf iguana Enyalioides touzeti in southern Ecuador. Presence of E. touzeti in heavily deforested coastal regions of southwestern Ecuador suggests an urgent need for research to evaluate its conservation status.


coastal range; Equatorial Pacific; dwarf-iguana; Churute; Andes

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