A new species of the myrmecomorphic planthopper genus Formiscurra (Fulgoroidea: Caliscelidae) from Ethiopia

Vladimir M. Gnezdilov


Formiscurra atlas sp. nov. is described from southwestern Ethiopia. It represents the first record of the genus Formiscurra Gnezdilov & Viraktamath, 2011 (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Caliscelidae) from Africa. The relationships of Formiscurra to other African taxa of Caliscelidae as well as myrmecomorphy in Auchenorrhyncha are discussed. A photograph of a live specimen of Formiscurra indicus Gnezdilov & Viraktamath, 2011 and an identification key to both species are given.


Hemiptera; Fulgoromorpha; Caliscelini; planthoppers; morphology; taxonomy; myrmecomorphy; Ethiopia; Afrotropical Region

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