Description of Gondwanoscurus curleri sp. nov. from the West Usambara Mts, Tanzania (Diptera: Psychodidae)

Gunnar Mikalsen Kvifte, Trond Andersen


Gondwanoscurus curleri sp. nov. is described based on four males collected in November 1990 and April 1991 in the West Usambara Mountains, Tanzania. It is the first species of Gondwanoscurus Ježek, 2001 to be described from the African mainland, and the second from the Afrotropical Region. The new species is characterized by a strongly asymmetric first flagellomere with a large mesal projection; and by several genitalic characters including simple gonostyli with acuminate apices and the surstylus without discernable basal projection. A key to world species of Gondwanoscurus is presented based on data from the literature.


Diptera; Psychodidae; moth flies; taxonomy; Africa; identification key; new species; description

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