A new species of the genus Brachycoleus (Hemiptera: Miridae), with a revised identification key to the species found in Iran

Reza Hosseini, Saadi Mohammadi


A new species, Brachycoleus medes sp. nov. (Miridae: Mirinae: Mirini), is described from Kurdistan province, Iran. A revised taxonomic key to the Iranian species of Brachycoleus Fieber, 1858, illustrations of male genitalia, male and female habitus photographs of this new taxon and other reported species from Iran are provided. Diagnosis of the new species is based on a comparison with other congeners found in Iran. Presence of Brachycoleus decolor Reuter, 1887 in the fauna of Iran still remains doubtful.


Hemiptera; Heteroptera; Miridae; Mirinae; Mirini; key; new species; taxonomy; Kurdistan; Iran

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