First Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) endemic to Madeira – three new terricolous species of Spelobia and Pullimosina

Jindřich Roháček


Three new species of Diptera (Sphaeroceridae: Limosininae) from the Madeira Island (Portugal), viz. Spelobia polymorpha sp. nov., Pullimosina (Pullimosina) kesoni sp. nov., and P. (P.) dorae sp. nov. are described (both sexes), illustrated and their relationships, biology and distribution discussed. All these species are terricolous inhabitants of the leaf-litter stratum of the original Madeiran laurel forests (Laurisilva) and because of their poor flying ability they are considered endemic to Madeira. None of these species have relatives among endemic species of Sphaeroceridae known from other Macaronesian archipelagos inasmuch as the endemic species of Canary Islands and Azores belong to different genera of Limosininae.


Diptera; Sphaeroceridae; Limosininae; Spelobia; Pullimosina; biology; new species; relationships; taxonomy; distribution; Madeira

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