New taxa of Neotropical Coreidae of the tribes Acanthocerini and Nematopodini (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)

Harry Brailovsky, Ernesto Barrera


Four new species of Coreidae are described: Crinocerus fernandezi sp. nov. (Acantho­cerini) from Colombia, Nectoquintius papillosus sp. nov. from Ecuador, Neoquintius boyacanus sp. nov. from Colombia, and Neoquintius foreroi sp. nov. from Paraguay (all Nematopodini). Keys to all the known species included in the genera Crinocerus Burmeister, 1835, Nectoquintius Brailovsky & Barrera, 2002, and Neoquintius Brailovsky & Barrera, 1986 are given. Photographs of dorsal habitus and male genital capsules are provided.


Hemiptera; Heteroptera; Coreidae; Acanthocerini; Nematopodini; new species; Neotropical Region

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