Morphology of bromeliad-associated immature stages of Daiphron bipartitus and its adults confirms the non-monophyly of the genus (Coleoptera: Cantharidae)

Gabriel Biffi, Simone Policena Rosa


Daiphron bipartitus Pic, 1934 is a poorly known species whose systematic position in the subfamily Chaulioganthinae is still controversial. In this paper we describe immature stages of D. bipartitus which were found inhabiting fallen bromeliads Vriesea bituminosa in southeastern Brazilian Atlantic forest. Adults are redescribed, including the first study of male and female genitalia. Larva, pupa and adult are illustrated in detail and compared with other species of Daiphron Gorham, 1881 and Chauliognathus Hentz, 1830. We discuss the systematic position of Daiphron bipartitus within Chauliognathinae on the basis of morphological comparison of its immature and adult characters. Both were found to be more similar to species of Chauliognathus than to Daiphron mediofasciatum Pic, 1949, which supports the hypothesis of polyphyly of Daiphron. Aspects of the species biology and occasional association with bromeliads are discussed.


Coleoptera;Cantharidae;Chauliognathus;larval morphology;systematics;taxonomy;Bromeliaceae;Vriesea;Brazil;Neotropical Region

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