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Piriqueta crenata, a new species of Turneraceae (Passifloraceae s.l.) from the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil

Lamarck Rocha, Maria Mercedes Arbo, Isys Mascarenhas Souza, Alessandro Rapini


In this study, we describe and illustrate Piriqueta crenata, a new species from the Chapada Diamantina region, Bahia, Brazil. It is similar to and was initially identified as P. flammea from which it can be distinguished by the cuneate leaf blade bases (vs. rounded), slightly discoloured leaves (vs. strongly discoloured), inflorescences of fewer flowers (1–3 vs. 3–6), olive-green calyx when dry (vs. blackened), and yellow corolla (vs. orange red). Piriqueta crenata is only known from a single small savanna nested in the semiarid Chapada Diamantina region, close to areas under anthropogenic influence. Therefore, we evaluate the species as Critically Endangered.


floristics, Neotropics, savanna, taxonomy.


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