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A new species of mule-ear oncidium with straw-yellow flowers (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae, Lophiaris) from central Panama



Lophiaris silverarum Carnevali & Cetzal, known from two localities in central Panama, is herein proposed as a new species. It is related to L. crispiflora and L. carthagenensis from which it is easily distinguished by its larger flowers of a straw-yellow color with many laxly arranged, non-confluent reddish-brown spots. The new species is described and illustrated and distributional maps are provided. Furthermore, a table and a key comparing the new species against close relatives are included. The conservation status of L. silverarum is assessed as EN by the IUCN criteria.


Coclé, Lophiaris silverarum, Trichocentrum clade, Veraguas


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