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New combinations in Vachellia and Senegalia (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) for south and west Asia

S. Ragupathy, David Seigler, J.E. Ebinger, B.R. Maslin


Fragmentation of the former broadly circumscribed genus Acacia necessitates new names in Vachellia (syn. former Acacia subg. Acacia) and Senegalia (syn. Acacia subg. Aculeiferum) for the following 21 taxa that are recorded for the south and west Asian regions (i.e. Bangladesh west to the Arabian Peninsula). Senegalia diadenia, Senegalia donaldii, Senegalia hohenackeri, Senegalia lankaensis, Senegalia lenticularis and Senegalia mahrana. Vachellia gerrardii subsp. negevensis, Vachellia gerrardii subsp. negevensis var. najdensis, Vachellia hunteri, Vachellia harala, Vachellia hydaspica, Vachellia jacquemontii, Vachellia johnwoodii, Vachellia nilotica subsp. cupressiformis, Vachellia nilotica subsp. hemispherica, Vachellia planifrons, Vachellia pseudoeburnea, Vachellia tanjorensis , Vachellia tortilis subsp. campoptila, Vachellia wightii (syn. Acacia bolei) and Vachellia yemenensis. There are two unresolved names for the west Asian region: Acacia pachyceras and Acacia yemenensis subsp. obtusifoliolata.


Vachellia, Senegalial, Leguminosae, Mimosoideae, Asia


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