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Begonia chingipengii (sect. Baryandra, Begoniaceae), a new species from Luzon Island, Philippines

Rosario Rivera Rubite, Yoshiko Kono, Hsun-An Yang


Begonia chingipengii from Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, Luzon Island is described as a new species endemic to the Philippines. This is the latest addition to the newly delimited Begonia section Baryandra. It resembles Begonia trichochila but is distinguished by the variegated leaves with light green veins and midrib contrasting with the dark green adaxial surface and maroon abaxial surface, and its oblique leaf is elongated with an acuminate apex. The robust variegated leaves, large flowers and extensive inflorescence make it very attractive.


begnoiaceae, Baryandru, Begonia chingipengii


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