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A new species of Paraphlomis (Lamiaceae) from Korea: an additional genus to the Korean flora

SUNG CHUL KO, You-Mi Lee, Kyong-Sook Chung, DONG CHAN SON, BO Mi NAM, Gyu Young Chung


A new species, Paraphlomis koreana S.C.Ko et G.Y.Chung, from Korea is described and illustrated. The species is similar to P. albida Hand.-Mazz. in general vegetative characters and white corollas, but the new species is distinguished by its smaller stature, equally toothed 10-veined calyces, and pink-spotted lower corolla lips. P. koreana S.C.Ko et G.Y.Chung has been only found in Bogil-do Island, a small island in the Southern Ocean of Korea, and is the first species described from the genus in Korea.


Paraphlomis koreana, Flora of Korea, Lamiaceae

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