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Nepenthes barcelonae (Nepenthaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines

Martin Cheek, Danilo N. Tandang, Pieter B. Pelser


Nepenthes barcelonae is described as a new species in sect. Insignes, where it is unique in the inset mouth and the dichromic upper pitchers (first-produced pitchers red, later-produced pitchers green) which are also dimorphic. This is a newly recorded phenomenon in the genus: the first produced (primary upper pitchers) are red, larger, stouter, and have an uncoiled long tendril, while those later produced (secondary upper pitchers) are green, smaller, more slender, and have a coiled tendril. The only population of this species that is currently known grows in an area less than 10km² on a single mountain. Individual plants are at risk from collecting for the horticultural trade. Following the IUCN criteria, N. barcelonae is assessed as Critically Endangered.


Aurora Province, conservation, dimorphic pitchers, Sierra Madre range, taxonomy, Eudicots, Philippines

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