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Three New Species of Campanulaceae from the Pan-Himalaya



Three new species are described from the Pan-Himalaya, Asyneuma pakistanicum from Pakistan, and Campanula rotata and C. microphylloidea from Tibet, China. Asyneuma pakistanicum has its leaves sessile or subsessile, leaf blade 8–12 mm long, 4–6 mm broad, flowers solitary and stigma trifid, which makes it distinct from A. thomsonii. Campanula rotata is characteristic of rotate corolla, connivent anthers, solitary flowers, and narrow-elliptic to linear leaves. Campanula microphylloidea resembles C. cana, but differs from it in its leaves much smaller and sessile and flowers solitary, etc.


Asyneuma, Campanula, China, Pakistan, Eudicots

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