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A review of the current taxonomic status of foliose Bangiales (Rhodophyta) in the Philippines



Causes of taxonomic confusion are lamentably well known in foliose Bangiales. A magnitude of these uncertainties stems from the paucity of available taxonomic traits in morphologically homoplastic species. At present, the taxonomic identity and systematics of many of the Philippine foliose Bangiales are in a state of flux. A critical examination of published literature on Philippine records of 10 species of foliose Bangiales has rendered the need for re-confirmation of the presence of Porphyra atropurpurea, Porphyra marcosii, Pyropia denticulata, and Pyropia suborbiculata while records of Porphyra umbilicalis, Pyropia vietnamensis, Wildemania variegata, and the invalid name Porphyra crispata have been omitted from the list. Currently, there are only two confirmed species of foliose Bangiales in the Philippines, which are Pyropia acanthophora and Pyropia tanegashimensis. Thus, this review exhorts a re-examination of collected Philippine foliose Bangiales materials using both morphological and molecular analysis.


foliose Bangiales, nomenclature, Philippines, Rhodophyta, taxonomy, Algae

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