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Passiflora kumandayi (Passifloraceae), a new species from the Colombian Andes in a new section within subgenus Decaloba



A new species of passion flower from the Cordillera Central of the Colombian Andes is here described; Passiflora kumandayi M.A. Buitrago A. & Coca (subgenus Decaloba, supersection Auriculata). This species, along with five other closely related Andean species, comprise a monophyletic group characterized by paired branched inflorescences and small flowers with short or absent androgynophores. A provisional key to the species in the newly described section Apodae is presented. Passiflora kumandayi is here illustrated and its affinities with related species are discussed based on morphology and phylogenetic binning analysis using molecular site weight calibration.


Passiflora, section Apodae, subgenus Decaloba, Colombia, Molecular Site Weight Calibration, Eudicots


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