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Pleurothallis hawkingii and Pleurothallis vide-vallis (Orchidaceae; Epidendroideae), two new species from Cordillera de Guanacaste in Costa Rica



Two new species of Pleurothallis are described from the Cordillera de Guanacaste in northern Costa Rica. Both novelties belong to Pleurothallis sect. Macrophyllae-Fasciculatae, among which they can be recognised by their fasciculate inflorescence with numerous simultaneously produced flowers, a rare feature in the species-rich group. This feature is shared with Pleurothallis bothros, putatively their closest relative. Both novelties may be distinguished from that species by their non-spreading (vs. spreading), pale yellow to pinkish flowers (vs. green) and broad, oblique petals (vs. narrow, straight). Pleurothallis hawkingii can be easily distinguished from Pleurothallis vide-vallis by its broader panduriform lip with raised margins and depressed basal glenion (vs. narrow lanceolate lip, lacking raised margins, with the glenion raised on a high basal callus).


Monocots, Northern Costa Rica; Miravalles; new species; Pleurothallis; Stephen Hawking; taxonomy

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