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A new species of Andinia (Orchidaceae, Pleurothallidinae) from Huánuco, Peru, and the first Peruvian locality for Andinia schizopogon



A new species of Andinia in subgenus Andinia from Tingo María National Park is described, illustrated and compared to the most similar species pair.  Andinia tingomariana is distinguished by unguiculate, reniform, ciliate petals, a longer column without the terminal dilation and a trilobed, ciliate lip in which the narrow, semi-auriculate lateral lobes project upward around the column, adnate in the middle, creating a furrowed surface. The floral morphology of the new species is compared to that of the phylogenetically unrelated Salpistele group of Stelis and possible convergent evolution of pollination syndromes is discussed. Finally, the first confirmed locality of A. schizopogon is reported and a preliminary list of Andinia species in Peru is provided.


Andinia, Peruvian orchid flora, Salpistele, Stelis, pleurothallid taxonomy, Monocots

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