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Lectotypification of Themeda strigosa (Poaceae, Panicoideae, Andropogoneae)



The genus Themeda Forsskål (1775: 178) comprises 29 species which are distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World, mainly in Asia (Chen & Phillips 2006; Kellogg, 2015; Veldkamp 2016). In India, the genus is represented by about 17 species, including five endemic species (Bor 1960, Sreekumar & Nair 1991, Kabeer & Nair 2009, Singh et al. 2015). While studying the herbarium specimens of Themeda housed at CAL, we found that the name Anthistiria strigosa Buchanan-Hamilton ex Hooker (1896: 214), the basionym of Themeda strigosa (Buchanan-Hamilton ex Hooker) Camus (1920: 423), needs to be typified.


Themeda, Monocots

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