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Monochaetia sinensis sp. nov. from Yunnan Province in China



This study embodies description of a novel Monochaetia species, from dead leaf of a Quercus sp. collected from Lijiang in Yunnan Province, China. Morphologically, it conforms to the characters of Monochaetia by presence of single apical and basal appendage on the conidia. The new species forms a sister clade to M. ilexae in the combined LSU-ITS and TUB2 sequence data based phylogenetic analyses and remain distinct from the latter species in having larger conidia, long apical appendage, long basal appendage and long conidiogenous cells. Therefore, we introduce Monochaetia sinensis as a novel taxon with a comprehensive description and illustration.


New taxon, molecular phylogeny, morphology, Sordariomycetes, taxonomy, Fungi

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