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Magnolia kachinensis (Magnoliaceae), a new species from northern Myanmar



Magnoliaceae include about 350 species that are widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate regions of Asia and the Americas, from near sea level to 3400 m elevation (Vázquez-García et al. 2016). Numerous phylogenetic studies of Magnoliaceae in the last two decades (Law 1984, Figlar & Nooteboom 2004, Xia et al. 2008, Sima & Lu. 2012, Kim & Suh 2013, Romanov & Dilcher 2013), have ultimately led to almost universal acceptance of the classification of Figar & Nooteboom (2004), consisting of only two genera: Liriodendron Linneaus (1753: 535) with only two species, and a broad concept of Magnolia Linneaus (1753: 535) including all other species. Myanmar currently has only 21 species of Magnolia (Govaerts et al. 2017).


Magnolia kachinensis, Magnoliaceae, Magnoliids

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