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Gomphonema wuyiensis sp. nov., a new freshwater species (Bacillariophyceae) from Wuyi Mountains, China



During a survey of freshwater diatoms from Xingjiang River in the north region of the Wuyi Mountains, Jiangxi Province, China, a new Gomphonema species, Gomphonema wuyiensis sp. nov., was recorded. A detailed morphological description of G. wuyiensis is herein presented, based on light and scanning electron microscopy. LM and SEM micrographs show the size ranges and ultrastructural details of the new species. Gomphonema wuyiensis sp. nov. is characterized by valve outline asymmetrical to the apical axis. In addition, the valve outline on the primary side strongly tapers from the middle part to the footpole, and less strongly on the secondary side. In addition, distinctive morphological features and ecology of the taxon are discussed.


taxonomy, morphology, diatoms, new species, Gomphonema, Wuyi Mountain, China, freshwater, Algae

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