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Licea aurea a new Myxomycete from the Peruvian Andes



A new sessile species of myxomycete, Licea aurea is described, based on material from the Andean puna in Peru at almost 5000 m. It was isolated from moist chamber cultures of Azorella compacta litter and cultured on agar from spore to spore. It can be distinguished from other species in the genus by its small size, golden colour, dehiscence and smooth thick-walled spores with a thinner area. Life-cycle events are described and illustrated, from germination to sporulation. The morphology of the myxomycete specimens was examined using light and scanning electron microscopy, and both light and SEM micrographs of relevant details are included.


Amoebozoa, Azorella, cold arid areas, ecology, life cycle, Mycetozoa, taxonomy, Fungi

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