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Three new species and a new combination among Southern African Schoenus (Cyperaceae, tribe Schoeneae)



Schoenus is a morphologically complex, predominately austral genus. The taxonomy of the southern African clade of Schoenus has received recent attention with the transfer of 24 southern African species into Schoenus from Tetraria and Epischoenus in 2017. A taxonomic revision in early 2018 both revised the taxonomy of the Schoenus compar—Schoenus pictus and allies group, as well as described three new species endemic to the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. In addition, seven new species were described in early 2019 as part of a revision of the Schoenus cuspidatus group. Here, we build on this recent taxonomic work by providing descriptions for three new species (Schoenus bracteosus, Schoenus comparoides and Schoenus triticoides). We also provide a new name at species rank for a taxon previously named as a variety of Tetraria sylvatica. We present detailed species descriptions, distribution maps and an updated identification key.


New names, nomenclature, Schoenus albovaginatus, Schoenus bracteosus, Schoenus comparoides, Schoenus triticoides, species delimitations, Monocots

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