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Bio Statement Especially milk, but also foods with a high glycemic index significantly increase the IGF-1 levels in the blood. IGF-1 is the main reason why milk consumption, so many carbohydrates and muscle growth match so well best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo. Many athletes consume lots of milk protein and fast carbohydrates, as the muscles grow better. However, these people also suffer from accompanying acne as frequently. Aim for Acne: Eat less simple carbohydrates and no dairy products

Anyone who stays with the high glycemic carbohydrates can expect an improvement in the symptoms or even eliminate the problems. Not only in the case of overweight is a low carbohydrate and protein-enhanced diet effective, even in case of skin problems this diet works. Researchers from Korea could show that a diet with low glycemic load, ie a diet that causes the blood glucose to rise only slightly and slowly, leads to a clear symptom relief in acne patients. (Source)

The diet was composed as follows: 25% of protein intake, 45% of low-glycemic index (fruit and vegetables) and 30% of healthy fats. 17 patients who were on average 23 years of age were fed in this way for ten weeks. The diet has reduced the number of inflammations in the face by about 30 percent. In the control group dermatitis natural treatment, which continued to feed "normal", the dermatologists found almost no change. As a reason for this effect, the researchers state that the measured inflammation values in the diet group could be significantly reduced.

The Benefits of Paleo Diet in Acne

The Paleo diet balances the deficits of "modern" nutritional claims. As a result, there is no derailment of the metabolism with increased hormone production and inflammation. The Paleo diet provides us with a balanced amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. With more protein and less bad carbohydrates, which increase the blood glucose quickly, it corresponds with the nutritional recommendations, which are also required by the successful studies against acne.

The basis of the Paleo diet is vegetables and fruit in all shapes and colors, giving the body a wealth of micronutrients (source). These micronutrients fight skin inflammation and make the skin look good again. A natural diet, with low glycemic load, less insulin and sex hormone release seborrheic dermatitis natural cure reduces the excessive sebum production. In addition, the Paleo diet provides healthy oils such as omega-3 fatty acids. This improves the omega-6-3 ratio, which is proven to be anti-inflammatory.