Revision of the genus Aulacofusus Dall, 1918 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae)

Alisa R. Kosyan, Yuri I. Kantor


The genus Aulacofusus Dall, 1918 has been revised on the basis of conchological and available anatomical data. Nine previously described Recent species and one subspecies are recognised as valid: A. brevicauda (Deshayes, 1832), A. periscelidus (Dall, 1891), A. herendeeni (Dall, 1899), A. esychus esychus (Dall, 1907), A. esychus shikotanicus (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), A. ombronius (Dall, 1919), A. calathus Dall, 1919, A. coerulescens Kuroda & Habe, 1961, A. hiranoi (Shikama, 1962), A. calamaeus (Dall, 1907). A. gulbini sp. n. is described, A. brevicauda fortilirata (Sowerby, 1913) has been synonymized with A. periscelidus (Dall, 1891). For 6 species, detailed descriptions of anatomy are provided. Twenty three species previously referred to Aulacofusus, have been excluded from the genus.


Colinae; North Pacific; systematics; new species; radula; foregut anatomy; stomach anatomy


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