Catalogue of the stygobiotic and troglophilous freshwater snails (Gastropoda: Rissooidea: Hydrobiidae) of Bulgaria with descriptions of five new species

Dilian Georgiev


New investigations of freshwater habitats in caves revealed five new species of the Rissooidea in Bulgaria. The new species: Belgrandiella maarensis n. sp., Pontobelgrandiella tanevi n. sp. (the second species from this genus ever known), Bythiospeum simovi n. sp., Bythiospeum kolevi n. sp., Bythiospeum stoyanovi n. sp. are described and types illustrated. A synopsis of all published data on this ecological gastropod group in the country was compliled and complemented by author’s unpublished data to provide a catalogue of all known Bulgarian stygobiotic and troglophilous freshwater snails with their localities.


new species; caves; Balkans; gastropods


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