Spatial distribution of land molluscs fauna of the steppe zone of Ukraine

Nina V. Gural-Sverlova


At the end of the XX – beginning of the XXI century 85 species of the land molluscs of 49 genera and 25 families were reliably registered in the steppe zone of Ukraine. The highest species richness was recorded in the northern steppe subzone (79 species). The main centers of the species diversity are the Donetsk Upland (65% of the total number of species) and the western part of the Black Sea Lowland with the southern spurs of the Podolian Upland adjoining it (55%). The modern composition of the land molluscs fauna of the steppe zone is influenced by the proximity of the Caucasus (for the south-east of Ukraine), the Podolian Upland (for the north-west Black Sea coast) and the Crimea (for the entire investigated territory). Anthropochory plays an important role in the formation of the land molluscs complexes in the steppe zone of Ukraine.


land molluscs; steppe zone; species diversity; chorology


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