On the genus Trachia auct. (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Camaenidae)

Anatolyi A. Schileyko


Study of the reproductive tract of Helix pseudomiara Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908, formally attributed to the genus Trachia, and its comparison with other anatomically studied species of the genus, made it necessary to reconsider the taxonomic structure of the taxon. It is shown that four species, whose anatomy is known, belong to four genera, differing both conchologically and anatomically. Descriptions and diagnoses (based on their type species) of genera Trachia Martens, 1860 (type species Helix asperella Pfeiffer, 1846), Bellatrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix pseudomiara Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908), Pseudotrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix vittata Müller, 1774), and Neotrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix duporti Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908) are presented.


reproductive system; anatomy; taxonomy; new genus


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