On the phylogenetic relationships of Elbasania Schileyko et Fehér, 2017 (Pulmonata, Helicoidea, Hygromiidae)

Marco T. Neiber


The genus-group taxon Elbasania Schileyko et Fehér, 2017 has recently been introduced as a subgenus of Metafruticicola Ihering, 1892 for a species occurring in north-western Greece and Albania. Using mitochondrial and nuclear markers, the phylogenetic relationships of Elbasania within Metafruticicolini (Hygromiidae) are reconstructed. The results of these analyses suggest that Elbasania is more closely related to Hiltrudia Nordsieck, 1993, which has a range adjacent to that of Elbasania from Croatia to northern Albania, than to Metafruticicola. Elbasania shares with Hiltrudia and also Cyrnotheba Germain, 1929 a very characteristic microsculpture of the shell and an overall similar genital system, which however differs among these three taxa with regard to its internal structures, especially those of the penis. Therefore, it is suggested regarding Elbasania as a distinct genus here.


Metafruticicolini; phylogeny; systematics; mitochondrial DNA; nuclear DNA; Balkan Peninsula; Albania


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