The land snail family Streptaxidae J. Gray, 1860 from Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam, with description of two new species (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

Thi Chinh Bui, Van Nhuong Do, Dac Chung Ngo, Duc Sang Do


The predatory family Streptaxidae is comprised of five species occurring in Thua Thien Hue Province, central Vietnam. The present paper provides an assessment of the literature data relevant to these species and the description of two new species. Haploptychius bachmaensis sp. nov. has an oblique-heliciform shell with elevated spire. The aperture is subcircular, peristome discontinuous, thick and slightly expanded, apertural dentition with one strong parietal lamella. Perrottetia namdongensis sp. nov. has a rounded and protruded shell periphery. The aperture is subcircular, peristome is discontinuous, thick and expanded, apertural dentition with one large, strong parietal lamella, one small upper palatal lamella, one large palatal lamella, one large basal lamella, and one large strong columellar lamella.


Haploptychius; Perrottetia; new species; Thua Thien Hue


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