Zootaxa special volumes "Ontogeny and morphological diversity in immature mites"

A series of special volumes on "Ontogeny and morphological diversity in immature mites" will be published in Zootaxa.  
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New snailfish from Zootaxa among top 10 new species (2018)


A new species of fish, Pseudoliparis swirei, published in Zootaxa (4358: 161-177) by Gerringer, M.E et al. was voted among TOP 10 new species described in 2017.

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National Geographic story on Madagascan crickets described in Zootaxa


A new species of Madagascan crickets described by Mustafa Ünal and George Beccaloni in Zootaxa was featured in a National Geographic story. Well done Mustafa  and George!

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2015 Top 10 Species

A new species of spider (Cebrennus rechenbergi) described by Dr Peter Jaeger in Zootaxa made the Top 10 new species in 2015.  
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Top 10 new species of 2013 in Zootaxa


Top 10 new species described in 2013 were announced:

Among these, three were published in Zootaxa.

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Two monographs per week during the last three years


Zootaxa published 2,135 papers in 39,921 pages in 2013. 

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First quarter of Zootaxa in 2013: 23.5% increase over 2012

During the first quarter of 2013, 448 papers were published in 78 issues of Zootaxa, in a total 9,200 pages.  
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First month in 2013 for Zootaxa


An excellent first month for Zootaxa in 2013: 143 papers & 25 issues, published for 370 authors.

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Zootaxa archive in

From 2013, the online issues of Zootaxa are preserved in (a new online library for taxonomic journals).  
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