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Phylogenetic analysis of the Paulsoni species group (Decapoda : Alpheidae) from the American Pacific, with implications for the phylogenetic classification of the genus Synalpheus



A cladistic analysis of 22 species of Synalpheus, represented primarily by species of the Paulsoni species group from the American Pacific and selected species from the Gambarelloides, Neomeris, Brevicarpus, and Biunguiculatus species groups was undertaken, based on 51 morphological characters. The Paulsoni species group proved to be paraphyletic, because species of the Neomeris, Brevicarpus, and Biunguiculatus species groups nested within it. It is proposed herein that in order to achieve a more natural classification, only two groups should be maintained within Synalpheus: Gambarelloides and Paulsoni, the latter in its broadest sense, treating the remaining species groups as synonyms.


Crustacea, American Pacific, Alpheidae, Caridea, Synalpheus, Phylogenetics

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