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New raphitomine gastropods (Gastropoda: Conidae: Raphitominae) from the South-West Pacific

M. Morassi, A. Bonfitto


Based on material stored in Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) eight new species collected from bathyal depths in South West Pacific archipelagos ( Solomon Islands and Fiji) are described. The new species belong to the rather poorly known genera Acanthodaphne Bonfitto et Morassi, 2006, Acamptodaphne Shuto, 1971, Buccinaria Kittl, 1887, Cryptodaphne Powell, 1942 and Mioawateria Vella, 1954 all belonging to subfamily Raphitominae Bellardi, 1875 in the family Conidae Fleming, 1822. Acamptodaphne eridmata sp. nov. has a broad distribution being reported from the Solomon Islands and Taiwan. Finding of the new species here discussed in South West Pacific archipelagos provides a significant extension to the previously known geographical range of these raphitomine genera.


Systematics, Conoidea, turriform gastropods, Cryptodaphne, Acamptodaphne, Mioawateria, Acanthodaphne, Buccinaria, new species, deep sea biodiversity


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