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A new species of flea-toad, genus Brachycephalus Fitzinger (Amphibia: Anura: Brachycephalidae), from the Atlantic rainforest of southern Bahia, Brazil

M. F. Napoli, U. Caramaschi, C. A. G. Cruz, I. R. Dias


We describe a new species of flea-toad related to Brachycephalus didactylus and B. hermogenesi from the Serra Bonita mountain, an Atlantic rainforest remnant in the Municipality of Camacan, State of Bahia, northeastern Brazil, constituting the northernmost record of the genus. Brachycephalus pulex sp. nov. is mainly diagnosed by the toe II externally absent, the toe V vestigial, fingers I and IV externally absent, and an inverted depigmented v-shaped mark on chest bordered above by a dark brown stripe on each side.


Brachycephalus pulex sp. nov., B. didactylus, B. hermogenesi, Psyllophryne

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