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Neotype designation for Sphingius thecatus Thorell, 1890, synonymies, new records and descriptions of six new species from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Liocranidae)



A neotype is designated for Sphingius thecatus Thorell, 1890, the type species of the genus from type locality of Penang Island, Malaysia; its conspecific female is described for the first time. Detailed morphological descriptions and illustrations for both sexes are provided. Six new species are described from Southeast Asia: S. rama sp. nov. and S. prolixus sp. nov. from eastern Thailand; S. elongatus sp. nov. from southern Thailand; S. superbus sp. nov. and S. bifurcatus sp. nov. from Thailand and Malaysia; S. spinosus sp. nov. from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Sphingius pingtung Tso et al., 2005 known from Taiwan, China is considered a junior synonym of S. scrobiculatus Thorell, 1897. Sphingius sinensis (Schenkel, 1963), originally placed in Scotophaeoides (Gnaphosidae), is regarded as a junior synonym of S. gracilis (Thorell, 1895). Additional specimens of S. gothicus Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001 were collected from northeastern and central Thailand, expanding species distribution range towards the south. Specimens of S. punctatus Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001 were collected from Thailand and Indonesia. Sphingius vivax (Thorell, 1897) and S. scrobiculatus Thorell, 1897 are recorded from Thailand for the first time.


Araneae, new species, new record, new synonymy, first description, biodiversity, taxonomy

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