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1986 Redux: New genera of anoles (Squamata: Dactyloidae) are unwarranted



The year 1986 gave us Madonna's True Blue, Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vaults, and a new taxonomy of anoles (Guyer and Savage, 1986). Each of these greatly anticipated events began with considerable promise but ended up adding nothing of depth to the culture of the time. Madonna's best work was behind her, Capone's vaults were a letdown, and the proposed anole taxonomy was unsupported and poorly executed (Cannatella and de Queiroz, 1989; Williams, 1989), but was mostly done in by the paucity of data available at the time. In the ensuing years, Madonna showed some staying power and Geraldo reinvented himself, but the erection of a handful of nonmonophyletic genera was not enough to achieve the apparent goal of preserving Savage's (1973) genus Norops as a valid name for anole lizards with transverse processes on their posterior caudal vertebrae (Etheridge, 1959). The genera Dactyloa, Ctenonotus, et al. lived on in Savage's (2002) excellent Costa Rica guide but were mostly ignored by those not working in Costa Rica.


Squamata; Dactyloidae)

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