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New species of plant bug associated with pastures in Colombia, and notes on the genera Dolichomiris, Cynodonmiris, and Megaloceroea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae)



Cynodonmiris corpoicanus, a new species of Miridae belonging to the subfamily Mirinae and the tribe Stenodemini, is described from Colombia. Similarities and differences between Cynodonmiris, Dolichomiris, and Megaloceroea are presented. Geographic distribution of C. corpoicanus and its host plants are given. Diagnoses and illustrations of the female and male genitalia characters are provided to distinguish the Neotropical species of Cynodonmiris and Dolichomiris, and Holarctic Megaloceroea


Cynodonmiris corpoicanus, taxonomy, diagnosis, host plants, Mirinae, Stenodemini

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