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Larvae of Cueta sauteri (Esben-Petersen) and Myrmeleon bore (Tjeder) (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae): description and behavioral notes



Antlion larvae of Cueta sauteri (Esben-Petersen) and Myrmeleon bore (Tjeder) from mainland China were collected in the field and reared to adults in the laboratory. Larval morphology of each species was described and complemented with behavioral observations. Their most important diagnostic characteristics are head capsule markings, mandibular length, mandibular teeth length, distance between mandibular teeth, bristle number between the distal mandibular tooth and apex of the mandible, morphology of labial palpi and antennae, peduncle of mesothoracic spiracle and the arrangement of digging bristles. Larvae of these two species construct similar conical pits and wait for prey at the bottom of the traps.


Larval morphology, antlion, pit building behavior, mainland China

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