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Description of new species of oak leaf-miners (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae), with notes on the species groups of Stigmella Schrank associated with Quercus as a host-plant



Stigmella acuta Diškus, Navickaitė & Remeikis, sp. nov., a new species of oak-feeding leaf-miner belonging to the S. hemargyrella group, and S. cornuta Rocienė & Stonis, sp. nov., belonging to the newly designated S. cornuta group, are described from Asia and, for the first time, the S. hemargyrella group is associated with Quercus as a host-plant. The new species are illustrated with photographs of the leaf mines, adults, and genitalia. Diagnostics and host-plant preferences of seven Stigmella species groups associated with oaks (the S. caesurifasciella, S. saginella, S. quercipulchella, S. ruficapitella, S. castanopsiella, S. hemargyrella and S. cornuta groups) are discussed.


Nepticulidae, new species, Quercus, species groups, host-plants, Stigmella

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