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Six new species, complementary descriptions and new records from the Neotropical Region of the spider genus Dipoena (Araneae: Theridiidae)



The theridiid genus Dipoena Thorell, 1869 is distributed worldwide. Dipoena are recognized by male with carapace often high, cylindrical, with grooves or depression on dorsum; carapace of female rarely modified, sometimes high. In this paper six new species of Dipoena are described from Brazil, one from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul: Dipoena bonitensis new species, three from São Paulo: Dipoena cidae new species, Dipoena ericae new species and Dipoena santaritadopassaquatrensis new species and two from Paraná: Dipoena guaraquecaba new species and Dipoena fozdoiguacuensis new species, all based on males and females. The males of Dipoena pusilla (Keyserling, 1886); D. peruensis Levi, 1963; D. olivenca Levi, 1963 and D. esra Levi, 1963 and the female of Dipoena niteroi Levi, 1963 are here described and illustrated for the first time. New records from Brazil include Dipoena augara Levi, 1963; D. bryantae Chickering, 1943; D. duodecimpunctata Chickering, 1943; D. isthmia Chickering, 1943; D. kuyuwini Levi, 1963; D. mendoza Levi, 1967; D. puertoricensis Levi, 1963; D. tiro Levi, 1963 and D. trinidensis Levi, 1963; and new records from Bolivia include Dipoena atlantica Chickering, 1943, D. cornuta Chickering, 1943 and D. kuyuwini. New distribution records within Brazil are presented for Dipoena cordiformis Keyserling, 1886; D. hortoni Chickering, 1943; D. ira Levi, 1963; D. militaris Chickering, 1943; D. obscura Keyserling, 1891; D. pumicata (Keyserling, 1886); D. santacatarinae Levi, 1963; D. tingo Levi, 1963 and D. variabilis (Keyserling, 1886).


Bolivia, Brazil, Hadrotarsinae, Neotropical Region, spider taxonomy

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