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Three new species and new distributional records of Oecetis McLachlan 1877 (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae: Leptocerinae) from Brazil



The genus Oecetis is widespread over the world, being most diverse in tropical areas, especially in the Australian Region. Of about 400 described species, only 34 occur in the Neotropical Region. Herein, we describe and illustrate three new species of Oecetis from Brazil: Oecetis angelae sp. nov., O. danielae sp. nov. and O. iara sp. nov. Furthermore, O. doesburgi, O. dominguezi, and O. knutsoni are recorded for the first time in Brazil. Also, we provide new state records for 7 species: O. amazonica, O. connata, O. excisa, O. fibra, O. iguazu, O. inconspicua, and O. paranensis.


Amazon basin, Atlantic Forest, Pantanal floodplains, Neotropical Region, Oecetis danielae, Oecetis angelae, Oecetis iara, taxonomy

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