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A revision of the callipallenid genus Pseudopallene Wilson, 1878 (Pycnogonida, Callipallenidae)



Analysis of three northern hemisphere Boreal-Arctic species of Pseudopallene has shown that those species are morphologically distinguishable from their congeners in Australian waters. The holotypes of Australian species Pseudopallene laevis, Pseudopallene ambigua and Pseudopallene harrisi are compared with each other and with additional material from southern Australia. Sixteen species of Pseudopallene are assigned to a new genus Meridionale. Meridionale dubia is assigned to species inquirenda. The genus Cordylochele Sars, 1888 is resurrected. A diagnosis of each genus is provided along with additional figures. A brief summary of the systematic position of Pseudopallene up to the present time is provided. Three species are temporarily assigned to species incertae sedis pending further review.


Meridionale, Cordylochele, Parapallene, Arctic, Sub-Antarctic, southern Australia

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