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New species of Monodontocerus (Collembola: Tomoceridae) from southern China with diagnostic notes on the genus and introduction of new taxonomic characters



Three new species of Monodontocerus are described from caves in southern China: M. absens sp. nov. is characterized by its cephalic chaetotaxy and the absence of chaetae from the tenaculum; M. mulunensis sp. nov. is characterized by a combination of characters including chaetotaxy, foot complex and furca; M. trigrandis sp. nov. is different from other species in the formula of dental spines and the reduction of the ungual teeth. A key to the species of Monodontocerus is provided. Potential diagnostic characters for this genus are proposed. Troglomorphy and interspecific variability are discussed. Pseudopores and the dorsal disto-lateral chaeta on the manubrium are introduced as new taxonomic characters for Tomocerinae.



cave, taxonomy, interspecific variability, identification key, new characters

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